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Manage all your core business processes through a single platform providing company-wide visibility and efficiency from anywhere.

What is the purpose of SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a Cloud or On-premise software application that enables business process automation, inventory management ERP, workforce optimisation and much more.

Choose Cloud Hosted ERP or installed on-premise SAP B1. Either way you receive a customisable, extensible platform that grows with you.

Your organisation becomes more agile and flexible, with decisions based on deep data analytics. Make the right call, for the right reasons, every time.

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SAP Business One Key Features & Capabilities

If you’re still asking “What is the use of SAP Business One?” here are some of the key features of SAP B1 for businesses of all types and sizes:

Analytics & Reporting

See your data whenever you want, the way you want to. Bespoke dashboards and custom KPIs generate real-time reports via integrated SAP Crystal Reports® for SAP Business One, yielding Business Intelligence insights, Microsoft Excel pivot tables and direct SAP B1 delivered reports to drive faster, better business decision-making.

Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Business One enables BI via powerful analytic tools. It includes a complimentary and fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports® for SAP Business One, bringing in data from multiple sources to produce timely and accurate reports across your company. Integrate with Microsoft Office to use familiar file formats and access management rights.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Take customer service to the next level with a fully-fledged CRM ERP system. Keep track of lead generation and connect people with profits. Follow the sales cycle from end to end for unprecedented visibility of ROI. From first contact, to close of sale and beyond, gain new insight into the success of your sales and marketing activities.

Financial Management

SAP B1 is a fully integrated multi-currency financial management platform. Chart your company accounts in real-time and generate cost and project reports on the fly. The extensible ERP Financial Management dashboard can follow asset management, business banking, budgets, cash flow, inter-company trading and fiscal reporting.

Manufacturing & Production MRP

Predict materials levels and avoid supply chain shortages with SAP Business One MRP Forecast and Planning. A powerful forecasting platform to manage and replenish essential materials for production and procurement. Define your own parameters for reports and alerts tailored to your business and to each production line individually.

Purchasing & Inventory Management ERP

Regain control over complex supply chains with a Purchasing & Inventory Management ERP designed for you. Add agreements, purchase orders, quotations and cost planning, along with SAP B1 Apps and Add-Ons that give you bespoke ways to track your company's spending. Optimise revenues at every stage in the purchasing lifecycle.

What sectors is SAP B1 for?

APH provide on-premise and Cloud Hosted SAP B1 installations to all industries and sectors. Here are some of the sectors in which we have years of specific experience:

For Manufacturing

Manage internal and external pressures, process efficiencies and supply chain risks. SAP B1 ERP for Manufacturing gives you unprecedented insight and visibility in your manufacturing operations.

For Engineering

SAP B1 ERP Engineering dashboards help you track time, costs and materials. Deploy an inventory management ERP built for complex engineering processes.

For Distribution

Optimise consignments with an inventory ERP platform. SAP B1 ERP Distribution & Wholesale solutions support eCommerce activities and help drive profit margins.

For Chemicals

Meet unique needs with SAP B1 ERP Chemical tools and add-ons, to extend functionality to by-product planning, formula matching, quality testing and attribute costing.

For retail / eCommerce

A comprehensive ERP solution for businesses in the retail world to better manage their stock, forecasts, cashflow as well providing a streamlined order fulfilment process. Our ability to provide a dovetailed e-commerce integration with you online presence, improves the users experience while providing your business the efficiencies of having an integration ecommerce platform.

For retail / eCommerce

Work in the services sector? Benefit from better financial management reporting, in-depth CRM and workforce optimisation.

What are the benefits of SAP Business One?

  • Better Business Agility – Real-time reporting based on all-company comprehensive data enables unprecedented business agility. Make faster, smarter decisions and see the results in enhanced profits and market share.
  • Goes With You – Cloud ERP access from anywhere is just the beginning. Install the SAP Business One app on Android or iOS devices for instant access to reports. Create sales orders, check stock and approve payments, wherever you are.
  • Grows With You – SAP Business One environments support all sizes of business, from single-figures workforces to more than 500 employees, with workforce efficiency gains that grow with you too.
  • Instant Business Insight – Bespoke dashboards built around your own KPIs deliver data and control in real-time. Install SAP HANA for even more instant analytical insights. Business decisions become faster, more agile and more confident, for optimised performance.

Add-ons for SAP Business One

Extend SAP Business One with industry and task-specific SAP B1 Apps. Job costing capabilities for manufacturers and chemical producers, enhanced CRM for professional services firms. Get the abilities you need.

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Support for SAP Business One

SAP Business One support when you need it from a dedicated team of experts. Our helpdesk is based in Manchester and just a phone call away, with optional out-of-hours support for round-the-clock businesses.

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Implementation for SAP Business One

Let us take care of SAP Business One implementation. On-premise or Cloud Hosted ERP up and running as quickly as possible, with all the customisations, KPIs and user-specific dashboards you need.

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Business Optimisation Process

Our FREE Business Process Review helps us to know what you need. We don't just install ERP software, we give you a complete ERP platform set up to optimise your business processes for maximum ROI..

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SAP Business One Case Study

JBC sourced the services of APH for its experience and knowledge of the ERP and job costing marketplace.

APH recommended SAP Business One designed the new system to streamline previously manual systems and feed all information into a central hub.

What our clients say

Is SAP Business One cloud based?

SAP Business One CAN be cloud based. We offer Cloud Hosted SAP B1 ERP if you want to outsource your hosting. If you’d prefer to install on-premise ERP, we do that too, with bespoke SAP B1 implementation, initial setup, configuration of KPIs, any SAP B1 Apps and Add-ons you might need, and ongoing support from our Manchester helpdesk.

Whether you choose on-premise or Cloud Hosted SAP Business One, we will make sure your database and dashboard are configured for your unique needs. We don’t just ‘walk away’ after installation. Our team works hard to understand your KPIs and any challenges, and we offer continuing support to help you achieve maximum ROI from SAP B1.

How does SAP Business One improve the accounting process in an organisation?

SAP B1 can bring together siloed financial data from multiple sources, remove the disparate systems within your organisation. Generate real-time reports of workforce costs, materials and inventory management, expenditure on services, petty cash and other purchases.

With detailed forecasting capabilities, SAP Business One not only shows you what you have spent, but also makes accurate real-time predictions of future income and expenditure. This not only helps you to keep accounting data up to date, but also gives you insight into any cash flow concerns or upcoming fluctuations in your business’s bottom line.

How to import data from Excel to SAP Business One?

It’s easy to import Microsoft Excel workbooks into SAP Business One. In SAP B1’s folder tree, select the report book you want to add Excel data to. Right-click and choose ‘Import’. Follow the process to choose the relevant Excel workbook and the data should be added directly into your SAP B1 report book. Any problems? Give our Manchester helpdesk a call.

Excel data can be imported in several ways:

  • Add New Records and Update Existing Records imports all data from the Excel spreadsheet, including any updates to existing fields.
  • Add New Records Without Updating Existing Records imports new data, but will not overwrite items that already exist in the target document.
  • Update Existing Records Without Adding New Records will only update items that already exist (e.g. to update price lists on a defined inventory).

How to configure SAP Business One mobile app?

The SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android is a versatile tool to enable a remote salesforce, on-site warehouse management, and other field services. To configure, enter your server details under Web Service and your user/database details under Logon Settings in the app. Contact APH if you’re not sure, and our helpdesk will be happy to assist.

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