Managed SOC & SIEM

Protect your business with enterprise-level Managed SOC & SIEM from APH’s cyber security experts.

What is Managed SOC & SIEM?

SOC (Security Operations Centre) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) are two components in creating a comprehensive enterprise-level security team, but not all organisations have the capacity to build their cyber security from scratch.

APH Managed SOC & SIEM provides you with ‘SOC as a Service’, giving you instant access to our expertise and removing the need to recruit and train security personnel yourself. This means that you can devote your time, attention and budget to your core profit-making business activities.

Managed SOC & SIEM offers large-scale capabilities with minimal admin:

  • Capacity to collect and inspect many thousands of data packets and HTTP requests
  • Detailed analysis detects any suspicious incidents and activity
  • Flagged data is investigated closely to decide if further action is required

When a legitimate threat is identified, the incident is escalated for manual intervention. APH’s security experts will take prompt action to remediate the situation and will provide a full incident report for future reference and decision-making.

Cyber security expert using the SOC & SIEM services

What are the features of Managed SOC & SIEM?

Managed SOC & SIEM provides continuous, consistent protection against cyber attacks, including those against cloud-hosted platforms like Microsoft 365.

You benefit from round-the-clock vigilance, with security systems that are continually updated to monitor and defend against emerging threats in real-time.

  • Adopt cost – and resource-efficient cloud platforms without excessive risk
  • Analysed event logs of firewalls and endpoints for malicious activity.
  • Monitored Microsoft Office 365 logins for suspicious behaviour.
  • Safeguard all network traffic, from web packets and HTTP requests to emails

Managed SOC & SIEM gives you comprehensive coverage, without the need to build or train a network security team using novices or new hires.

This gives you immediate protection which is not only cost-effective, but also frees up valuable hiring and training time to focus on profitable business activities instead.

Do I need Managed SOC & SIEM for my business?

If your business handles data – and especially if you use systems like Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services – then in the modern climate, it is essential to put safeguards in place to protect against malicious attacks and unauthorised access to your servers.

Managed SOC & SIEM gives you this protection instantly, with no need to recruit or train in a high-demand, short-supply cyber security talent pool.

Even more than that, Managed SOC & SIEM is scalable, so that as your business grows, you can remain confident that your security is being monitored around the clock without your cloud capacity exceeding your security team’s capacity and capabilities.

The result is fully comprehensive protection for your websites, emails and network traffic, with rapid response and enterprise-level expertise available in the event of a security incident involving your servers and workstations.

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