Consultancy & Training

Empower your people with Cyber Security Consultancy & Training from APH.

What is Consultancy & Training?

Our own personnel are highly trained and experienced, and rather than ringfencing this expertise, we want to share it with organisations to help you build your own in-house cyber security knowledge and skills.

That’s why we offer Consultancy & Training services with broad coverage of IT systems, cloud platforms and cyber security risks:

  • Consult APH on upcoming cloud implementations and cyber security measures
  • Train your staff to be aware of cyber risks and to take action against them
  • Complement automated and AI security systems with human expertise

Ultimately, your workforce can represent a risk of human error, or can become your greatest asset in the fight against would-be cyber attackers and compromised network security. We want to make sure it’s the latter.

IT technician providing a consultancy and training course

What are the features of APH Consultancy & Training?

We have over 35 years’ experience helping businesses to reach their full potential, implementing technologies like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and cloud platforms to streamline operations, improve efficiencies and mobilise the workforce.

Since our foundation in 1986, we have kept up with the rapid technological growth in the business environment. As a result, our Consultancy & Training services allow our clients to tap into our real-time expertise, bringing our knowledge in-house to support your own staff and your own systems and security.

  • Tailored and targeted consultancy that puts your needs first
  • Positive training that supports staff to gain the knowledge they need
  • Continually updated to include emerging technologies, techniques and threats

Cyber skills – especially in areas relating to cyber security – are in short supply and high demand in the global workforce, and with the help of APH you can upskill from within to close the gaps in your employees’ expertise.

Do I need Consultancy & Training for my business?

There is a strong case for investing in Consultancy & Training for your business if you handle data in any way, and especially if you rely on continual connectivity for your profit-making activities.

If your business has any kind of ecommerce element, including taking online orders and/or bookings, or if you provide a client web portal or round-the-clock online customer support, you should have comprehensive cyber security in place to avoid costly downtime.

Equally if you have attempted to recruit into cyber security roles, or any technical role, and have found talent in short supply in the labour force, then training can help you to empower employees to gain promotion into such roles, often saving you money compared with making a new hire.

APH have extremely broad expertise across all areas of network technologies, cloud computing platforms, ERP (including SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign) and cyber security including targeted threats like phishing.

Consult with us today to identify the areas where your staff need additional training, and to benefit from a different approach to upskilling your employees in a targeted and supportive way.

Enquire about Consultancy & Training for your business

If you have any further interest in our consultancy and training services please get in touch and our expert technicians will be happy to help.