SAP Business One implementation

SAP Business One implementation

Addressing your business needs

As part of our Lifetime Application Methodology, we’ve made sure that the foundations of your business are solid before any system is in place. This initial Business Process Optimisation stage has identified areas for improvement and helped us fix any underlying issues.

So now it’s time for the software itself.

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Using the right software

Our team at APH are experts in SAP Business One—a leading business management system for small and mid-sized companies.

With features from accounting and purchasing to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), this affordable and adaptable ERP system can offer you greater visibility and efficiency across your whole business.

It also comes in a range of cost-effective licensing and infrastructure models.

The implementation process

Following our initial analysis of your business processes, our certified SAP consultants will have a good understanding of what you need. We can help you find the model to suit your business and our years of experience working with this ERP software means that we can ensure a fast and cost-efficient implementation.

And, in the end, where you work is up to you. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can install on your premises or access via the cloud in Software as a Service (SaaS)—and take advantage of mobile working by using SAP Business One on the move.

We’ll make sure SAP Business One helps you for years to come