SAP Business One for chemical companies

SAP Business One for chemical companies

Our customers in the chemical industry use SAP Business One to manage costs and respond swiftly to customer demands while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

We use our experience working with chemical firms on a day to day basis to implement business systems that deliver real business benefits.

Chemical manufacturers face similar challenges to many other industries – responding to their customers’ demands faster and more profitably, as well as meeting the increased burden of regulatory governance.

However, there are also some unique challenges to be overcome in the chemical industry, which some business systems fail to support. These challenges create the need for software that can perform industry-specific tasks – such as planning co-products and by-products, formula matching and optimisation, attribute costing, safety and quality.

Some of the benefits of SAP Business One for chemical manufacturers:

Managing the process to maintain profit-01

Managing the process to maintain profit

In any industry that involves creating a product from raw materials, managing the cost of this process is paramount. From product costing to managing the production process, SAP B1 has the tools to help you run your business while satisfying the increasing demands from compliance and industry regulations.

Batch control-01

Batch control

Batch control is a key component of compliance in the chemical industry. From raw materials to final delivery of goods to the customer, batch management must include constant traceability. SAP Business One can deliver batch management functionality to ensure your business stays compliant with industry legislation.

By-product management and managing production capacity-01

By-product management and managing production capacity

With SAP Business One, you can track quantities of finished goods and their by-products, taking full control of the management of all your stock. It is also possible to adjust plant capacity for unexpected changes in demand to save time, cost and resources.

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