Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your business against compromised credentials with APH’s Dark Web Monitoring service, providing comprehensive vigilance for your entire organisation.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that is not visible to most ordinary internet users. Special browsers are required to visit ‘dark websites’, which are typically highly anonymous and untraceable.

Within this ecosphere, cyber criminals trade compromised usernames, passwords and other stolen data under cover of anonymity. Databases containing millions of user ID records change hands for use in future identity theft and phishing campaigns.

Dark Web Monitoring provides some security against this, by watching over these shadowy marketplaces and detecting evidence of compromised data. This allows you to change your passwords and authorisation procedures, so your systems cannot be accessed illegally.

One of the key components of Dark Web Monitoring involves continual monitoring of the dark web and online marketplaces for leaked user credentials and personally identifiable information (PII), so we can quickly alert you to any security breaches

Man utilising APH Dark web monitoring service

What are the features of Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring must be continuous and comprehensive if it is to be effective. APH work hard to give your business the protection it deserves.

  • 24×7 monitoring of Dark Web marketplaces to detect your sensitive data
  • Capable of detecting both business and personal credentials
  • Able to monitor multiple data types: passwords, IP addresses and more
  • Data is validated to ensure accuracy before being reported back
  • Easy to implement: start detecting data breaches in minutes

It’s not enough just to monitor the Dark Web. You need to be ready to respond in the even of a data breach. APH provide an end-to-end service, to help you to prepare for such an event.

This means staying up to date with any new data that needs to be tracked, such as new hires’ usernames and passwords.

Do I need Dark Web Monitoring for my business?

Dark Web Monitoring should be high on your data security agenda, particularly if you store usernames and passwords for your customers and/or your employees, and especially if financial details are associated with those usernames in any way.

By staying vigilant to the threats of Dark Web criminals, you can take action to change passwords, renew your encryption protocols, and inform affected individuals of any data breach.

This benefits your business in multiple ways:

• Prevent direct financial losses due to compromised banking details
• Demonstrate commitment to data security in line with GDPR responsibilities
• Gain a competitive advantage by showing your systems are more secure

With fully featured Dark Web Monitoring in place, you can gain more customers, reduce fraudulent losses, and may be able to negotiate reduced rates on your business liability insurance by showing that you are committed to preventing any breaches.

Enquire about Dark Web Monitoring for your business

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