Advanced Phishing Protection

Prevent phishing attacks before they occur with Advanced Phishing Protection AI from APH that integrates fully into your Office 365 deployment.

What is Advanced Phishing Protection?

Advanced Phishing Protection detects deceptive Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing threats through performing trustworthiness reviews upon sender email addresses.

With respect to cyber security, APH’s Advanced Phishing Protection service is a way to monitor and automatically block would-be phishing attacks, so sensitive data cannot be compromised due to human error.

This can prevent data breaches and losses of information including:

• Names, addresses and telephone numbers
• Usernames and passwords
• Banking and finance details

Advanced Phishing Protection harnesses AI technology to learning about existing relationships, current and emerging threats, so that when it detects an incoming threat on your systems, it can prevent the attack from taking place and, if appropriate, inform a supervisor who can check for any compromised data.

Woman working on advanced phishing protection software

What are the features of Advanced Phishing Protection?

Advanced Phishing Protection has a feature set designed to deliver fast and complete protection for your business. These can work alongside conventional methods, such as Spam Filtering and Phishing Simulation, to safeguard your systems from multiple angles.

Some of the key features of Advanced Phishing Protection for Phishing Prevention include:

  • Fast and easy integration with email clients such as Office 365
  • Continual learning to identify and protect against emerging attacks
  • User-friendly administration to inspect suspicious messages

The intelligent automated monitoring supports your own cyber security measures. Allow the AI to block potentially malicious messages, or have them diverted into a safe location where you can investigate the contents of the message further.

In either case, the aim is to prevent the message from reaching an individual who might unknowingly reveal sensitive data in reply.

Do I need Advanced Phishing Protection for my business?

Phishing is one of the few remaining threats based on human error, rather than on any weakness in your hardware or software. As such, it is difficult to completely eliminate the risk.

Advanced Phishing Protection helps by automating the monitoring process and by taking pre-emptive action – preventing human error before it has a chance to occur. No matter what size of business you run, this level of vigilance can be of significant benefit.

Finally, if you operate in a regulated sector, having a system such as Anti-Phishing Artificial Intelligence in place can demonstrate, both to your regulator and to your clients, that you have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard the data entrusted to you.

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