CloudProtect – Antivirus, Web & Spam Filtering

APH provides managed antivirus services, web filtering & spam filtering via
CloudProtect, a comprehensive suite of protection against the most common
cyber security threats encountered by businesses of all sizes and types.

What is CloudProtect?

CloudProtect is a collection of managed network security services, including:

  •   CloudProtect Managed Web Security for website data and network traffic
  •   CloudProtect Managed Email Security for emails and attachments

With CloudProtect you benefit from vigilant monitoring of safe web browsing on to your workstations, with cloud managed antivirus software to block potential infections before they can compromise your systems and your mission-critical data.

You also receive task-specific protection, including comprehensive spam detection and filtering of inbound emails, and customisable web filtering to block malicious websites and inappropriate material from your business network.

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What are the features of CloudProtect?

CloudProtect is designed to work around your needs. That means you have control over its level of sensitivity and what it does with any infected files when they are detected.

  • Real-time monitoring of network traffic with up-to-date virus definitions
  • Web filtering with options to restrict malicious and/or inappropriate websites
  • Email filtering to reduce spam and block malware attachments
  • AD agent user identification for granular reporting and user traceability
  • Cloud managed antivirus and filtering supports mobile and roaming devices

The complete feature set is extensive and depends on whether you choose CloudProtect Web Security, CloudProtect Email Security, or both. Contact APH if you have any questions about which solution is right for you.

Do I need CloudProtect for my business?

Many SMEs put in place piecemeal antivirus software and manual spam filters. Without regular updates, these can become outdated, exposing you to new and emerging cyber security threats.

 CloudProtect is a comprehensive and continually updated cloud spam protection, web filtering and antivirus suite. It works in tandem with your network hardware’s own settings, such as firewalls and port control, to block potential threats at their point of entry.

 Because CloudProtect is so versatile, with support for website traffic, emails and attachments, as well as for mobile and roaming devices, it is a good fit for all kinds of businesses, of all sizes, especially compared with the costs of restoring compromised file systems

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