Phishing Simulation

Test your resilience against malicious attacks with APH Phishing Simulation to identify strengths and weaknesses in your workforce.

What is Phishing Simulation?

Phishing attacks rely on a lack of vigilance from your workforce, by sending apparently authoritative emails that request personal or compromising details. By doing so, would-be cyber criminals circumvent automated systems and capitalise on human error.

APH Phishing Simulation is a way to prepare for such attacks, by carrying out simulated phishing as part of employee training, or to identify the weak links in your hierarchy. The aim is not to point the finger, but to close the gaps before a real-world attack occurs.

Phishing attacks can take several forms:

  • ID phishing in order to impersonate an authorised individual
  • Password phishing in order to gain access to secure systems
  • Financial phishing in an attempt to gain bank/credit card details

While some attacks are mischievous in nature, aiming to close down systems and cause disruption, many have the common goal of stealing money via fraudulent means. This makes it financially essential for businesses of all sizes to resist phishing attacks.

Man utilising APH Dark web monitoring service

What are the features of Phishing Simulation?

Phishing Simulation carries out virtual phishing attacks against your business. No real damage is done, but the simulated attack provides an opportunity to identify where confidential data may have been compromised. Phishing Simulation training provides your employees enhanced protection against:

  • Phishing – email attacks as listed above
  • Ransomware – malicious software blocking access to your computer until a ransom is paid
  • Malware – software designed to damage or gain access to a computer system.
  • Spyware – software that allows a third-party to gain information about another’s computer activities

This can be combined with employee training and investment into automated cyber security systems, to help reduce the risk of significant losses in the event of a phishing attack. The risks of each are slightly different and employees may be more susceptible to one method than another.

Do I need Phishing Simulation for my business?

If you spend on cyber security as part of your business risk management, Phishing Simulation is a sensible addition to that budget. Even the most cast-iron of firewalls and antivirus cannot prevent human employees from accidentally sharing sensitive information.

Phishing Simulation provides objective evidence of susceptibility among your workforce, either on aggregate or for named individuals. You can provide targeted retraining, or take action to safeguard against company-wide risks that are detected.

Ultimately it is about protecting your bottom line. If your data is going to be compromised at some point, ask yourself which type of threat you would rather experience first: a simulated one, or a real-world phishing attack?

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