Managed IT services

Managed IT services

APH Managed IT Services – at the heart of your business

APH is one of the North West’s leading managed services providers (MSP) with our head office in Manchester and resources nationwide, we deliver managed IT support and services across the UK including London.

IT is at the heart of all businesses. It acts as a cornerstone – an integral element that ensures all parts of the business can function properly. As a crucial cog within the company machine, it needs to be managed properly. An ineffective – or worse malfunctioning infrastructure can have a serious impact on an organisations output.

What can you do to ensure your IT infrastructure is always performing at the optimum level? Taking care of IT in-house can be a serious drain on resources, which is why many organisations (of all shapes and sizes) are choosing to invest in APH managed services.

There is a common misconception that choosing to outsource some, or all of the management of your IT infrastructure is for larger enterprises, but by its modular and flexible nature – APH Managed IT Services are suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes.

The APH Managed IT Service Portfolio

Our portfolio of managed services promises to reduce IT complexity, lower system maintenance, and management costs and significantly improve the value organisations derive from their technology investments.

Our managed services give you access to a wealth of skills and expertise that ensure you can focus on driving your business forward whilst your infrastructure and critical applications are managed by specialists. 

We take a flexible approach to support services and offer different types of managed services:

  • Managed IT Support Care
  • Business Continuity
  • Managed Hosted

Managed IT services that support business-critical applications

Managed IT Services are supported by our service desk

All our managed IT services are supported by our Service Desk

Our ITIL-aligned service desk team functions as an extension of your in-house facility. We deliver dedicated, high quality service and technical support to customers through a multi-level team of experts supported by robust incident and problem management process and procedures. 

Our comprehensive SLAs range from Priority 1 to 3. Up to 75% of incidents are identified by our staff, assessed and resolved with no interaction from the customer, freeing up your team to concentrate on delivering business value to your end users.

Managed IT Support Care

APH’s Managed IT Support Care services are designed to meet the demands of our clients and respond to today’s environment and challenges. We recognise that different clients have different support requirements, so we have developed two support care services:  Essential and Premium.

The following features are available as part of APH Managed IT Support Care:

24×7 intelligence monitoring

We proactively monitor your assets and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical. When a site visit is required, automatic alerts guarantee an immediate response. Monitoring focuses on management information from:

  • Physical and virtual machines
  • LAN and WAN connectivity
  • Storage
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • UPS and Access Control Services

Asset management

We can manage all of your organisation’s IT assets, providing a managed audit of your equipment as well as warranty tracking of your equipment.

Security assurance

We provide extensive reporting to monitor the security of your entire network. This includes continuous monitoring and alerting for viruses, malware and attempted network access by unauthorised users. Patching of inventory ensures your operating systems remain up to date and are never exposed to vulnerabilities.

Preventative maintenance

Our service minimises disruption to your working environment by resolving issues proactively. Constant monitoring of your IT assets’ health and performance enables us to diagnose problems faster than, ever before they impact on business operations.


Detailed reports on the health of your network are delivered through our managed services console. These reports simplify capacity management and upgrade planning.

Regular business reviews

We discuss the overall health and performance of your IT assets, as well as new opportunities to get the most from your investments. Our regular business reviews ensure that your IT systems remain in line with your business objectives and help you to forecast future budgets.

Managed Business Continuity

When putting together your business continuity plan, it’s essential to remember that IT underpins your entire business. It’s the backbone of your company. Without the correct backups, infrastructure and plan in place you could find that if disaster strikes – your business can’t recover. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states that almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. And if you do survive the incident, then the average cost of downtime is £4,300 per minute according to Gartner with more than just your bottom line affected.

Managed Business Continuity

APH ensures you’re prepared for every eventuality. We can provide an appropriate backup and disaster recovery solution- whether that’s on-premise or cloud-based – as a fully managed service, giving you peace of mind should the worst happen.  Our Managed Backup service, can be up and running within 24 hours. We now have an Office 365 Backup as a Service solution available.

Everything we do is tailored to your individual needs and will be overseen by our experienced project managers  from conception to completion; giving you a single point of contact and ensuring that you are always aware of what is happening and when. 

Why Managed Business Continuity?

  • Fully managed service provides peace of mind
  • Strategic advice
  • Risk management
  • On-premise and cloud-based disaster recovery options
  • Full redundancy
  • Regular testing

Managed Hosting

The decision to move to a secure hosted environment with predictable costs and easy scalability is an easy one for many of our clients.

Cost effective hosting agreements are available for a wide range of requirements starting from just a single user and upwards.

Our Managed Hosting Service offers dedicated server hosting where a client can lease an entire server for their sole use. This service is more flexible than shared server hosting as organisations have full control over the server and do not share bandwidth with any other party. This is perfect for organisations that require hosting for busy or operation critical applications, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning) software.

Why choose APH for hosting services?

  • Customer centric service model
  • Flexible service options
  • Improves agility
  • 24/7 monitored with pre-agreed SLAs
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Cutting edge hosting environment

If you are considering moving your applications to a secure off-site location, please contact us to discuss our hosting service and we’ll provide you with a quotation based on your specific requirements.

Office 365 Managed Services

Maximise your Office 365 investment with managed services and enterprise-class support for Office 365.

We take the complexity out of deploying and managing Office 365 across organisations. We help companies harness the power of Office 365 with less of a burden on in-house IT resources.

Our Microsoft-certified experts are highly adept at managing, monitoring and administering the Office 365 environment, ensuring that your users benefit from the software’s full feature set.

Why use APH?

  • Focus on strategic initiatives: Our administrators reduce the ongoing administrative burden of managing and monitoring your O365 environment thereby freeing your team up to focus on strategic business initiatives.
  • Access to expertise: Easily accessible support from a dedicated team of Office 365 specialists. We can also aid user adoption for all features.
  • Simple migration: We are able to assist with email migration, setup and deployment with as little disruption to normal operations as possible.
  • Single point of entry: Submit tickets by calling, emailing, web portal, or via automated systems alerts to our Service Desk. We are the single point of contact for all IT support.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): We’re committed and accountable.  We regularly review SLA metrics and KPI insight to verify the ROI of the Service Desk.
  • Change management: we are able to assist with product changes and upgrades in Office 365, regular account reviews and coaching

Already Have Office 365?

You can still get Managed Services for Office 365, even if you have an existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or licensing agreements with other providers. Talk to us today.

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Benefits of the APH managed services model /How managed services can help your business?

Why outsource to a managed services provider? Read the APH blog on the top ten reasons to outsource Managed IT Services.

By outsourcing some or part of an IT infrastructure to APH our clients experience a range of benefits, both in the short term and longer term.

Mitigating risk-01

Mitigating risk

With research showing up to 70% of self manged infrastructure system down incidents are caused by human error, trusting your support services to APH mitigates that risk.

The layer of support that we provide on a pre-agreed SLA provides our clients with peace of mind that any issue can be located and swiftly. Whether it’s a problem with the network, or a faulty telephone line, levels of availability and functionality are much higher with our dedicated managed service – all coupled with a single point of contact for ease of access.

Fixed monthly costs-01

Fixed monthly costs

By outsourcing some or all of your IT infrastructure management, you can manage your operational and labour costs in a much more foreseeable manner. From how you are billed (monthly maintenance costs for example) to how you can free up expensive IT resource to focus on more value-add tasks – our services allow you to get a real return on investment.

Widening in-house expertise-01

Widening in-house expertise

Dovetailing the broad and deep skillsets that an MSP can provide with internal resource of a client is another benefit. Rather than a straight replacement of an IT team (which is often a misplaced fear of outsourcing), it is a complementary relationship which often comes into play when organisations struggle with holiday and sickness cover; recruitment pains and expense or a specific skills gap for a particular project or problem.

Staff productivity-01

Staff productivity

The average IT department spends 80% of its time keeping the business going, with only 20% of its resources dedicated to innovation and strategic improvements.  Businesses need to reverse this.

By delegating responsibility to APH, you can move away from areas that are time consuming, difficult to manage and control and that provide little in the way of instant benefit. IT resource is freed up to focus on areas that can aid business growth. A service contract with APH also moves in-house IT away from reactive problem solving which can prove disruptive to other ongoing tasks.



Our managed services model can be tailored to meet your business needs – be it objective, budget or project driven; with elements of service provision able to be switched on and off. The physical equipment can remain on premise or in our managed hosted environment.

You can choose what parts of your infrastructure you want to outsource. From email and telephony to LANs and WANs, you can even place the entirety of your IT system in our hands. Our service is bespoke, it’s scalable and it’s flexible.

Access to modern technology and market leading vendors-01

Access to modern technology and market leading vendors

Our clients have access to specialist advice on an ever-changing market. Making sense of buzz words and acronyms such as DRaaS, UCaaS, Mobility and Hybrid IT and how those technologies can help your business is an invaluable resource.

Why choose APH? What makes us different to other managed IT services companies?

A customer-centric approach to service-01

A customer-centric approach to service

All members of the APH team are dedicated to delivering an excellent customer service experience. Every employee takes a hands-on approach to problem resolution, working with each customer to better understand their business needs and to help them continue to evolve and grow with support from APH. 

Experienced across all models -01

Experienced across all models

We provide a cross-platform service that can span on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.  We know how to seamlessly integrate all the moving parts to get the most out of your systems and applications, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Access to technical expertise-01

Access to technical expertise

We have a team of highly accredited engineers and consultants who can offer advice on both strategic and tactical areas such as business continuity planning, how to reduce on-going capital and support costs through cloud solutions, and how to extend your workplace with mobile infrastructures.

Flexible, modular approach tailored to your budget-01

Flexible, modular approach tailored to your budget

We offer a range of enterprise level services accessible to small and medium sized businesses. We can work with you to tailor the service to meet your budget, objectives and technology model.  It’s not a case of either in-house or outsourced. You can choose a hybrid model – to invest in managed services for whichever components you wish, while keeping in-house the elements that you can manage effectively.

Critical application expertise (SAP)-01

Critical application expertise (SAP)

Our clients find it reassuring that we have extensive experience delivering SAP Business One installations and supporting critical applications. We appreciate high availability of ERP software is a business essential and as such we often support our SAP clients’ entire infrastructures, as well as their applications.

Find out how we can take the stress of managing IT off your hands