Zeus Packaging SAP Business One Case Study

Zeus Packaging SAP Business One Case Study

Zeus provides innovative packaging solutions to retail food service, hospitality, industrial & transit, and agricultural customers around the globe.

The background

Zeus Packaging Group is constantly focused on our customers. We work with our strategic partners to develop new innovative products and to anticipate upcoming trends. These encompass new packaging technologies, high performance materials and creative new systems. Our aim is to ensure our customers are at the cutting edge
of performance and presentation.

Before integrating SAP Business One into their operations, Zeus relied on a legacy system that lacked adequate support, featured a UNIX-based green screen interface, offered no add-ons, and struggled to adapt to the company’s expanding

SAP Business One

Choosing SAP Business One

After thorough ERP research, Zeus chose SAP Business One as it perfectly meets their needs and allows seamless external integrations for customization.

Zeus has been a long-term client of APH, and when they transitioned their SAP Business One support to us, the onboarding process went smoothly. We thoroughly analyzed Zeus’s needs and recommended essential add-ons to enhance their system and business operations.

Since implementing SAP Business One, Zeus has realized savings, including the ability to incorporate multiple companies, work with various currencies and languages and deploy the same system globally. This has eliminated the need for additional training and hardware investments.

Codeless Platform

Understanding Zeus’s automation and in-house development needs, recommending our partner, Codeless Platforms, was a clear choice. With Codeless Platforms in place, Zeus streamlined processes like reporting, email/report automation, data import, e-commerce, and EDI, freeing up users’ time from repetitive tasks.

Zeus Packaging opted for the B2B Portal and PIM applications from Applications Platform (AP) for select customers. Implementing the  Customer Portal enhances visibility and efficiency for their customers.

The AP B2B portal, seamlessly integrated with SAP B1 (via APH) empowers customers by granting them greater control over the ordering process. They can access their customized pricing agreements and minimise errors.

The self-service capability of the Customer Portal is also a key benefit that empowers customers to manage their day-to-day interactions with Zeus Packaging. They can raise their own orders, and access product information from AP’s Product Information Management (PIM) system, and even handle support tickets through the portal.

Streamlining order placement is another important feature of the portal. Customers can easily place orders using intuitive order processes that can resemble a full E-Commerce experience using AP’s PIM, adding order lines and choosing products from customer-specific price lists. This helps to simplify the ordering process and ensures a seamless experience for customers.

Furthermore, the portal accommodates various pricing methods, including client-specific pricing based on negotiated agreements, standard pricing, and promotional pricing with date ranges. This flexibility enables Zeus Packaging to adapt to diverse pricing strategies, catering to their customers’ specific needs.

Chris Michalczuk from Application Platforms highlights that the Customer Portal and B2B Portal with PIM has significantly increased efficiency, reduced effort in order management, and enhanced the overall customer experience for Zeus Packaging.

The Result

Zeus Packaging has successfully integrated the SAP Business One system provided and supported by APH, leveraging its flexibility across their global operations. The integrations with Codeless and Application Platform have eliminated time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing the company to focus on business growth.

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