With e-commerce, email, networking and IP telephony so prevalent in modern business, making the right investment in connectivity infrastructure for your business is more crucial than ever before.

What is Connectivity?

Connectivity is all about how your technology communicates via your network, the internet or IP telecommunications infrastructure.

To put it in simple terms, connectivity is about making sure the network doesn’t go down. For businesses of all sizes, reliable connectivity ensures that your employees can continue to carry out their duties, and ultimately to generate profits.

APH Connectivity is a managed connectivity service, allowing you to outsource the administrative burden of maintaining your network infrastructure, while also benefiting from the considerable expertise of our engineers.

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Features of APH Connectivity

APH Connectivity is based on your needs and, where necessary, provides a complete end-to-end managed connectivity solution with ongoing maintenance and support:

  • Initial audit ensures our recommendations are tailored to your needs
  • Our expert’s supply, install and commission any required hardware
  • We can also assess your software, make updates and install new programs
  • All new installations – hardware and software – are fully tested and optimised
  • Continuing managed connectivity support keeps your systems running well

For more details about how APH Connectivity can help your business achieve positive returns on investment, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Do I need Managed Connectivity for my business?

Reliable connectivity is essential for any business with an IP telephone, internet/intranet, online customer portal or ecommerce site, among many other examples.

If your bottom line is based on a continuous flow of data, a failure to invest in connectivity is likely to prove to be a false economy in the long run.

With APH Connectivity, you benefit from an upfront consultation, so that anything we recommend is targeted at improving and maintaining your connectivity specifically to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

In this way, we optimise your return on investment, while our continuing tech support reduces the risk of any connectivity problems in the future too.

What our clients say

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