A methodology that delivers a lifetime SAP Business One solution

A methodology that delivers a lifetime SAP Business One solution

We understand that ERP systems are a major investment.

The software is designed to underpin every aspect of your organisation for maximum visibility and efficiency. And so long as you choose the right software, it should be supporting your business for years to come.

Yet while other more traditional ERP implementations are all about companies simply delivering software packages without any thought for how it’s going to help your business, at APH we believe in a more in-depth, longer lasting ERP solution.

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lifetime SAP Business One solution

The application management cycle

Our Lifetime Application Management is designed to first understand your business needs, then deliver a system designed to address them.

But crucially, our job doesn’t end there. As one of the few SAP Business One partners to offer a lifetime solution, we don’t cut and run after implementation.

Your business will continue to evolve and your needs will change. So we’ll continue to provide ongoing reviews and optimisation to ensure your ERP software is perfectly placed to support you at every step of the way. Keeping you working as efficiently as possible and maximising your business potential whatever the future holds.

Our six step Lifetime Application Management includes:

1. Business Need

We identify the real challenges preventing growth in your business. We won’t recommend a system or automated processes that won’t work for you

2. Application

We’re a SAP partner specialising in SAP Business One. This is a leading ERP platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

3. Implementation

Whether you implement on-premises or in the cloud, our certified SAP consultants will always deliver an implementation that’s right for your business – and quickly too, using the vendor’s Rapid Implementation Methodology.

4. Infrastructure

Rest assured, you’ll have a support helpdesk manned by a team of technical consultants that understand your business to call on. And thanks to proactive monitoring and remote screen viewing software, we’ll be able to diagnose problems quickly.

5. Support

An ERP system is a major investment. And as your business changes and grows, your system must adapt to support you. If it can’t, you’ll run into problems.

6. Optimisation

As part of our managed service, we continually review and optimise your system to ensure it always maximises your business potential and never lets you down.

We’ll make sure SAP Business One helps you for years to come