Managed Cyber Security

Operating since 1986, we are highly experienced in providing consultancy on legacy systems as well as end-to-end cyber security project management to close vulnerabilities and improve support for cutting-edge digital security tools.

With APH Cyber Security services, you benefit from safeguarding against some of the most advanced and diverse modern cyber threats. To discover how our managed cyber security can protect your business, please get in touch.

Fully managed Cyber Security services for SMEs

We aim to be different from other cyber security managed service providers, with a firm focus on the areas of IT security you need to address, and managed cyber security solutions that are tailored to meet those needs.

Our services cater for small business cyber security while allowing for future growth, and we can transition seamlessly from individual computer security, through network monitoring and AI protection against phishing, to fully featured managed SOC services when you need round-the-clock cyber security monitoring and 24×7 response.

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Protection against advanced level of security threats

We can provide a combination of managed cyber security solutions to cover all of your needs, with add-ons to extend those services where you have specific additional requirements or unique demands.

Some of our managed cyber security services include:

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring using ID Agent to prevent credential-related cyber crime from impacting your organisation.

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Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation, powered by BullPhish ID, to stress-test your email security against compromises due to human error.

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Advanced Phishing Protection

Advanced Anti-Phishing Protection, using Graphus AI to detect and block phishing attempts within Microsoft 365.

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Managed SOC & SIEM

Managed SOC & SIEM to give you an enterprise-level Security Operations Centre with no hiring or training required.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

A Certification to help you achieve self-assessed Cyber Essentials status or independently verified Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Consultancy & Training

Empower your people through building your own in-house cyber security knowledge and skills with Cyber Security Consultancy & Training from APH.

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An easy switch to APH

Moving to a new computer security provider should not be difficult, but we know many organisations – especially small businesses – can feel trapped into an existing contract. We work with other companies to smooth the transition, and to ensure that your network security is not compromised for any period of time during the switch.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Adapting third-party tools and software to the specific needs of your organisation
  • Implementing new secure hardware and software including enterprise cloud platforms
  • Working quickly and systematically to transition your core network, peripherals and removable storage
  • Providing ongoing consultancy and training for on-site and remote workers to raise security awareness across your organisation

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Add-on services

APH extend our core IT security solutions with a suite of add-on services that you can mix and match, to protect your network vulnerabilities, integrate legacy systems and increase the overall capacity of your cyber security to the precise level you need.

We aim to provide corporate-level security procedures, but with a small business mentality. With none of the red tape you may have encountered from other managed security providers, we can implement add-ons quickly and easily, with full support.

If your digital security needs change over time, whether due to growth, newly emerging threats or installing new hardware and software on your company networks, we can reassess your managed security solutions to introduce the right add-ons and adjust your SLAs to meet those new requirements.

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