SAP Business One for manufacturers

SAP Business One for manufacturers

UK manufacturers faced many challenges during the economic downturn, but there have been some success stories. Successful manufacturers are evolving their businesses to overcome these challenges.

Manufacturing firms need to manage both external and internal pressures, such as the supply chain and the actual processes to manufacture. We work with manufacturers to deliver business systems that support their processes and provide a platform for growth.

Here’s why we recommend SAP Business One to manufacturing businesses:

Material & Resource Planning (MRP)-01

Material & Resource Planning (MRP)

Whether your business is light manufacturing, assembly to order or configuring to order, driving greater efficiency is vital. Manufacturers need to ensure the right materials and resources are available at the right time during the production process to keep it running optimally.

Your business involves many different internal and external dependencies. It’s therefore important that stock and resources are managed efficiently to minimise costs and maximise margins. Effective material planning can also deliver benefits when negotiating with suppliers.

Accurate product costing-01

Accurate product costing

Managing product cost is hugely important to the success of a manufacturing business. From initial product development to the monitoring of the final production process, it is crucial that your business can analyse costs in real time.

Disparate systems-01

Disparate systems

Without a complete view of the business, it is more difficult to blend information from different systems to build a coherent picture of how efficiently you are operating. Many businesses in the manufacturing industry use disparate, highly customised systems that are equipped to manage only one specific department.

Running an ERP system like SAP B1, which brings all your business departments together on one central platform, drives efficiency across your organisation.

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