Support & Monitoring

APH Managed IT Support & Monitoring enables your business to outsource your IT support with 24/7 monitoring of hardware, networks and security.

What is Support & Monitoring?

APH’s 24×7 intelligent IT managed Support & Monitoring watches over your network and hardware, to proactively identify any developing faults in server infrastructure, routers and network switches, storage devices, workstations and more.

This allows us to provide remote support where possible, and also accelerates callouts when an in-person visit by an engineer is the only way to resolve a problem.

As part of this service, we can carry out a complete audit of your hardware and systems, and make recommendations about the types of IT network monitoring, security monitoring and managed IT support services you need.

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Features of APH Support & Monitoring

We aim to offer a fully managed IT Support & Monitoring service, including:

  • Initial audit of your systems to recommend a bespoke IT support package
  • Installation of optional software including CloudProtect Web Security
  • 24×7 monitoring of all relevant hardware, network equipment and virtual machines
  • Optional remote backup of mission-critical data via our CloudBackup service
  • Rapid response engineer call-outs when a fault is detected

In many cases, proactive monitoring allows us to carry out immediate remote IT support & maintenance on your systems, preventing or minimising downtime and avoiding the need for an in-person engineer call-out.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate avoidable system downtime, restore connectivity faster in the event of a fault, and allow your business to continue generative revenues while reducing IT maintenance costs.

Do I need Support & Monitoring for my business?

Most, if not all office-based businesses now have an ongoing need for professional IT support & monitoring, and the same is true of many organisations in other industries too.

If your business uses computers, networks and digital storage; if your revenues are generated in any way from data and electronic systems; and if downtime of those systems would cost you money, then 24×7 IT monitoring & support is an essential safety net.

At APH we offer upfront consultations and audits of your systems. We will always recommend a tailored IT support package that meets your specific needs.

This not only means that you can have confidence that the services you choose are a worthy investment, it also means every IT network monitoring contract we enter into is built with the client’s needs at its heart.

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