IT Security

IT Security

Ensuring the security of your business, data and IT systems. The risks to your business from security threats are more numerous than ever. Thankfully there are different measures and systems that can be put in place to keep your business, data and IT systems secure.

Server and Network Firewalls

Our networks are under constant threat and the impact on businesses when security is breached can be huge. It’s therefore essential to have the right network security and managed firewalls in place.

Our partnerships with market-leading security partners means we have a range of solutions to meet our clients’ varied requirements.  We can provide secure connections between offices and remote workers, while still safeguarding against unauthorised access.


Viruses are the most frequent threat to your security, so we ensure we provide the highest level of protection to all of our clients. This is through our award-winning ESET Endpoint Protection solution, offered as part of our managed IT services.

E-mail Security and Anti-Spam

We provide our clients with protection against spam email to reduce the threat and inconvenience of these reaching your inbox. Our cloud-based application scans incoming emails and will quarantine any identified as spam.

Web Security

It is important that businesses know what their internet is being used for. Our suite of web security and monitoring packages gives businesses the power to check the usage of their internet connection as well as ensuring productivity.

Single Sign On

The growing trends towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), SaaS apps and “shadow IT” are driving password sharing and reuse. The inevitable result is greater exposure to attacks, lower productivity and higher support cost. These forces demand IT finds smarter ways to control access to critical business applications and data.

SSO is the answer. By eliminating the complications of multiple passwords, this simple but powerful service makes accessing and managing SaaS and mobile applications secure and efficient for everyone.

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