Cyber Security Birmingham

APH Birmingham Cyber Security Services safeguard businesses across Birmingham from new and existing cyber threats including hacks, exploits and data security breaches.

Building on four decades of experience, we provide the end-to-end network security Birmingham SMEs need in order to operate with total peace of mind.

We can consult on legacy systems, as well as provide the cyber security training Birmingham workforces need to stay vigilant to cyber threats. Together, this closes existing weaknesses in your network and prepares you robustly for emerging risks in the future of cyber security in Birmingham.

Birmingham cyber security services

Our Birmingham cyber security services are aimed at businesses of all sizes and you do not need computer networking expertise – we’re here to provide that. If you already have a contract in place, we can work with other cyber security companies in Birmingham to move you over to our systems, without putting your network at risk at any point.

APH Solutions use secure hardware and software, including enterprise cloud platforms, to protect your sensitive data and deliver the high standards of cyber operations security Birmingham businesses need. We underpin this with the option of coaching for your personnel, to ensure they understand the threats to computer security Birmingham workforces might encounter.

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What are the risks?

Modern cyber threats are many and varied, and the future of cyber security in Birmingham is hard to predict, which is why comprehensive network security and vigilance by personnel are equally important.

Some of the most common threats to computer security in Birmingham include phishing attacks, keylogger viruses, spoof websites and exploits introduced via removable storage devices. Stolen passwords may also be sold on the Dark Web, releasing your compromised login details to more malicious individuals.

  • Phishing attacks
  • Keylogger viruses
  • Spoof websites
  • Exploits introduced via removable storage

Stolen passwords may also be sold on the Dark Web, releasing your compromised login details to more malicious individuals.

Features of cyber protection services

APH Solutions Birmingham Cyber Security Services combine a suite of managed cyber security solutions into a contract that covers everything you need, with the option to extend that coverage in specific ways where required.

Some of our most common methods to protect network security in Birmingham include:

Dark Web Monitoring

Using industry leading tools like ID Agent to spot compromised credentials for sale on the Dark Web.

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Phishing Simulation

We use BullPhish ID to test for weaknesses in email security and risks of human error in clicking compromised links.

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Advanced Phishing Protection

Graphus AI monitors your Microsoft 365 installation to automatically detect and block potential phishing attacks.

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Managed SOC & SIEM

An enterprise-level Security Operations Centre for Birmingham SMEs without the need for in-house capability.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation for your business and provide peace of mind to customers.

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Training & Consultancy

Build in-house network security expertise with APH Solutions Cyber Security Consultancy & Training for all personnel.

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Why stay local?

As a local SME in our own right, we are committed to providing the highest levels of cyber operations security in Birmingham. We work alongside other cyber security companies in Birmingham and the surrounding towns and cities, but we also aim to provide something different.

We can give you access to world-renowned cyber security software from trusted developers like Kaseya, but with the benefits of personal, local service and a local telephone number for tech support. And if you need cyber security training in Birmingham, we’re on your doorstep and ready to coach your staff in how to spot cyber security risks.

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We are committed to supporting small businesses and high-growth SMEs, and can cater for very large firms too. To find out more about how we can improve your cyber security 24/7, contact APH Solutions today.