Post By Charlie Heywood on February 25, 2022

How to manage your business’s IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is critical to smooth operations in modern businesses, protecting your core activity, your data and your external communications 24/7/365.

Managing business IT infrastructure is not only about maximising uptime and availability of resources. It’s also about keeping your infrastructure optimised, so hardware runs quickly and reliably, servers have sufficient bandwidth, and data is secure against cyber-attacks.

APH’s managed IT services can help to achieve all of this while leaving you free to focus on your core profit-making activities. To learn more, download our Complete IT Solutions brochure today and find out how our business infrastructure solutions can work for you.

What is IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure includes everything your business uses to deliver IT services to employees, suppliers and customers. This ranges from hardware and software to network resources and security precautions.

Your IT infrastructure is there as a tool to help you get the job done. It can also enable communication in ways that were traditionally not possible, from emails and live chat with customers, through to video conferencing between employees in different premises.

Servers can also store your data in secure and convenient ways, removing files from individual workstations and putting them where teams can collaborate on edits, while protecting them from external threats such as cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

Why is IT infrastructure management important?

Managing your IT infrastructure helps your business to derive maximum benefit from it. Digital technology should work with you and for you – and not against you.

If your business routinely struggles with availability of resources, slow-running workstations or exposure to computer viruses, request our Complete IT Solutions brochure today to learn how to overcome these challenges.

This is more relevant than ever in the post-Covid era, as workplaces open back up and allow more remote working – a challenge we wrote about recently for The Business Post North West Edition 33 (p.21).

APH's article on IT infrastructure in BBP Media

But even as we move beyond the post-pandemic days, businesses of all sizes face a number of crucial questions, including:

• How can migrating to the Cloud help me?
• How do I know my data is secure?
• Can new systems integrate with my current applications?
• Who will train my employees to use new and updated systems?
• Who will monitor and troubleshoot my systems 24/7/365?

How can APH help?

APH offer a flexible portfolio of managed IT services for companies of all sizes, so whether you have five workstations or 5,000, we can scale our services to match your needs.

We are a trusted voice in our industry, sharing our insights in publications like The Business Post North West Edition and others to raise awareness of the critical nature of IT infrastructure, managing it well, and keeping it safe in an era of rising cybercrime.

This is all part of our commitment to our clients, big and small, who benefit from direct access to this insight and expertise to keep their IT infrastructure working in a streamlined and optimised way, all year round, with maximum uptime and availability 24/7.

For more information about any of our managed IT services, contact APH today to discuss your needs, or download our Complete IT Solutions brochure for full details of all our managed IT solutions and portfolio of other services.

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