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Undergoing digital transformation in harmony with SAP Business One

Digital transformation is at the heart of the fourth Industrial Revolution but with vast amounts of data involved, businesses need to harmonise in order to achieve the best outcomes from digital technologies like SAP Business One.

The first three Industrial Revolutions involved very specific advances:

  1. Steam power
  2. Assembly lines
  3. Computers

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is broader, encompassing the Internet of Things, machine learning and AI, and advanced data analytics.

Harmonic digital transformation is not just about plugging in and switching on; it requires business transformation, effective leadership and clear communication with the workforce.

How technology enables digital transformation

Intelligent technologies like SAP Business One support harmonised digital transformation to become the brains behind your business.

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is massively scalable and adaptable, to suit businesses of different sizes and types.

ERP takes your repetitive business processes like accounting, HR and supply chain, and combines them into a single platform with excellent accessibility, instant oversight and unparalleled flexibility.

This does not happen in isolation. Unlike monolithic older systems with siloed data, cloud ERP platforms like SAP Business One use AI to analyse Big Data comprehensively and derive maximum learning opportunities from it.

How to implement a digital transformation strategy

Fully harmonised digital transformation can go further than you might initially imagine. Three steps to achieve this are:

1. Digitise Everything

As far as possible, transform analogue assets into digital data that can be analysed and manipulated by your ERP platform.

That can mean digitising documents as searchable text, not just image files, and equipping employees with wearable technology where appropriate.

With a next-generation cloud ERP system in place, data is not your enemy, and the more of it you can generate, the better the insights will be.

2. Embrace AI

Machine learning and analytical algorithms can look at vast quantities of digital data and identify the most important trends within it.

This is achieved by embracing AI but also ensuring your human workforce has the skills and understanding to use the insights generated by your ERP systems.

3. Change Your Culture

Leading on from the above, you must be ready to change your company culture if you want to derive maximum benefit from digital transformation.

This might mean you need to give more support to your most experienced employees, who have been working in a particular way for longer, whereas new recruits may find it much easier to adapt to new systems and methods.

ERP for specific sectors

SAP Business One ERP is not just for office work. The platform can enable digital transformation across a wide range of sectors, including chemical, e-commerce, retail, engineering, manufacturing, professional services, wholesale and distribution.

APH work with companies in all of those sectors to implement SAP Business One installations tailored to the needs of the industry, which in turn ensures our clients achieve the most harmonised insights for their business activities.

To learn more about SAP Business One ERP systems and how APH Solutions can help your organisation to digitally transform in a seamless and harmonised way, please get in touch today and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation

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