Job costing with SAP Business One

Job costing with SAP Business One

Our Job Costing solutions powered by SAP Business One enables businesses to prepare quotes for their customers, manage resources, time, staff, material issuing & purchasing on a job by job basis.

Not Copy Key system users can easily monitor project profitability and react as necessary during the lifetime of a project. Job Costing for SAP Business One is available to purchase for use on premises installed on a local server or hosted at a secure external Data Centre.

Alternatively the job costing software powered by SAP Business One can be rented on demand within a 12 month contract, often referred to as SAAS (software as a service). This approach will reduce the amount of initial capital investment needed from both purchasing of software licences and also IT network and hardware.

Job Costing software is commonly used within industry sectors like Project Engineering, Contract Services and Professional Services. The functionality within our Job Costing solutions includes:

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Job Costing

Enables businesses to prepare proposals for their customers and manage resources, time, staff and material issuing and purchasing on a job by job basis.

Web Time Sheets

Web time sheet entry allows a business to capture their staffs’ time and business related expenses quickly and efficiently. Online approval procedures are built into the web time sheet entry system ensuring that managers can review and approve all time sheets prior to them being submitted against a particular project. An intuitive calendar design ensures that users can be up and running within minutes and that there is no need for extensive end user training.

External Users

At a glance a member of staff in the field can view all their job information including customer and site information, fault descriptions and scheduled repair times. Activities for field staff can be easily created and assigned by members of your team back at base, becoming instantly available to your field based staff.

Purchase Requisitions

The purchase requisitions module of Job Costing uses the SAP Business One user interface to provide a familiar, easy-to-use requesting system that adds the ability to request quotes from your suppliers prior to committing to an order, and ensures that employees do not create purchase orders without senior management review.

Recurring Invoices

The recurring invoicing system makes it extremely easy to bill your customers a fixed amount for a service they receive on a regular basis. Complete invoice history is recorded for all your customers and can be easily accessed for historic reporting and re-printing. With the easy-to-use recurring invoice system the user is provided with a list of all invoicing due for creation, this can then be completed at the push of a button.

Recurring Service Calls

Similar to recurring invoicing, recurring service calls can be created in SAP Business One with Job Costing. Service calls can be created daily, weekly, monthly or as required by each individual customer.

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