Post By Charlie Heywood on May 12, 2015

Maximise SME mobile workforce efficiency using ERP add-on

SAP business One SME mobile workforce

If you operate a team of Field Service Engineers, you need to keep them all busy, minimise unused capacity, achieve target profitability and then make sure that all invoicing follows automatically.  But additionally, you also need to do this cost-effectively.  This case study shows that you don’t need to use expensive mobile terminals but can use smart phones to keep a real-time database of jobs and completions.

Case study with JBC 

In this case study, the software solution allows JBC to manage calls for 60 engineers in real-time, generate bulk invoices automatically, manage profitability & costs by job and proactively manage workforce utilisation. It has helped the company achieve its own growth and profitability goals.

Beforehand – struggling to manage mobile workforce

Previously JBC were struggling to manage this part of their business; their system couldn’t cope and they didn’t have the visibility or the information to make changes.  Now, the company has data in real-time – updated by their field engineers using their smart phones.

Putting important information in the hands of the Finance Director

The Finance Director knows costs and profits, job by job and contract by contract in real time. It is a great example of how investing in an up to date system gives a step-change in control with a single, dynamic source of information being updated continuously from mobile devices.  It has given JBC complete visibility of its support business.

See how JBC managed this and how add-ons to SAP Business One can deliver this functionality by downloading our case study below.


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