Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

Anytime, anywhere. access to your Windows desktop and applications.

Flexible, mobile remote working practices are the new normal. Whether you want to facilitate a geographically dispersed and highly variable workforce, with different users joining and leaving your organisation at scale, or simply enable an efficient hotdesking environment in your head office, a hosted desktop solution can help.

Through hosted desktop, you can deploy individual virtualised applications, secure desktop access remotely and across multiple devices, and enable end users to run all their applications and desktops on-demand from the cloud. Fast-growth start-ups through to huge multinational organisations can all benefit.

Hosted desktop from APH.

APH provides hosted desktop solutions through Windows Server, leveraging its compute power to deliver session-based virtualisation.

This means that your users’ everyday workloads – as well as one-off projects – can all be accessed on demand simply by their logging into the relevant device.

Hosted desktop from APH means:

  • Each user achieves a seamless desktop experience wherever they are and across multiple devices, providing the continuity and consistency they need to be truly productive.
  • High levels of security, with no key applications or data stored on individual devices.
  • Increased productivity, thanks to our highly resilient cloud-based deployment model, and the ability for users to work at the time and place that best suits them.

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