IT infrastructure services

IT infrastructure services

Design, implementation and operation of a secure and scalable IT infrastructure – to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of all your operations. It connects your users with each other – and with the outside world. It supports the applications your organisation needs to operate and stores the data it needs to develop. It is the framework on which all of your technology sits.

Modern IT infrastructures need to support dynamic applications, huge volumes of rich data and an ever-growing portfolio of devices – with outstanding performance and exceptional resilience, always.

Infrastructure services from APH

APH’s IT infrastructure services create an architecture that will enable your organisation to take advantage of the very latest technological developments, from public, private and hybrid cloud computing to the Internet of Things (IoT).

We consider the users, devices and applications that your infrastructure needs to support today – and consider where you plan to be in the future – to ensure that we deliver the stretchy scalability and robust resilience you need. We deliver high-capacity fibre connectivity, high-performance WiFi and next-generation cloud computing – all underpinned by a detailed understanding of the cybersecurity, legal and regulatory compliance frameworks you need to operate within.

IT infrastructure services from APH enable you to achieve tangible digital transformation with total peace of mind.

Our infrastructure capabilities cover:

  • Local Area Networks (LANs), to interconnect the devices within your immediate environment, supporting internal communication and collaboration.
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs), to achieve outstanding connectivity across the broadest geographical distances. Multiple types of connectivity can be leveraged to achieve outstanding performance at the lowest possible cost.
  • Datacentre services, to deliver the right applications and data to the right users and achieve optimal performance 24/7. Virtualisation and datacentre mapping ensure that your datacentres are organised for ease of management and rational growth.

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