Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT

Combining the best of cloud computing and on-premise technology.

Hybrid IT enables you to benefit from the elasticity, agility and low management overheads of cloud computing, in combination with the visibility and close control of on-premise systems. It is the most flexible and adaptable model of enterprise IT, able to be tailored to your precise needs and modified as your business develops.

Hybrid IT from APH

APH’s hybrid IT solutions are bespoke to every client, blending on-premise and off-premise IT systems to deliver outstanding business performance and agility. We provision external hosting for the applications and services that you do not wish to manage in-house, whether to free up internal resource or to ensure that business-critical functions are being managed by an expert provider. And we help you to make clear decisions about which systems to retain on-premise, designing infrastructures that place control firmly in your hands.

Our hybrid IT solutions cover:

  • Infrastructure design, helping you to the make the best decisions for your organisation as to where different services should be hosted.
  • Build, migration and integration, ensuring that your hybrid IT infrastructure works as well in practice as it does on paper. 
  • Hosting services, so that those applications you wish to migrate off-premise are deployed to you in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.
  • Managed services, to ensure the continuous high performance of your infrastructure, and to deliver rapid identification and resolution of any issues.

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