Post By Charlie Heywood on April 30, 2015

ERP Buyer’s Guide [User-Friendly]

SAP B1 vs Other guys…like bbc vs sky (gotta have vs wanna have)

Look what is lighting up your living room… You finally bought that shiny new flat-screen television that can connects to the internet without wires, and brings you hours of mind-boggling entertainment. You will have to watch past episodes of Top Gear though, but you already knew that.

You are committed, the investment has been made. Now what? How do you choose which company is best to enhance your television-watching experience? 

This scenario can be compared to choosing an ERP software system. You have committed to your business, just like you committed to that shiny, new piece of technology. You have it, but how do you get the most out of it? 

So, think of ERP software as the company who will provide your television channels. There are choices, and you need something, but how do you choose which one is best for you? 

Initial offers: gimmicks, giveaways, bait to sign up

Cross marketing networks with other products, ie how well will ERP play with the existing toys in the sandbox? 

Gotta have: customer service and support. Who wins the customer satisfaction award? 

Budget bundles? Like additional services such as tv plus internet. Does this apply with ERP like with tv providers?

How much is too much? Do you really need 500 channels of stuff you’re not going to watch like on Sky? Can SAP B1 be implemented a la carte? 




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