About Us

About Us

For APH we understand that every business is different. We understand that every business goes through change. We ourselves, have gone through change.

35 years of expert industry intelligence and our core focus has remained the same. Helping Businesses Optimise and perform to their full potential by increasing efficiencies and maximising a company’s development.

APH support our client’s business transformation from the very start. Helping them make key process decisions unique to their business, by understanding and giving trusted advice from our highly skilled and experienced, industry recognised employee’s. We pride ourselves on honest, ethical, and professional support, with our customers’ needs and experience at the heart of everything we do.

Dating back to 1986, we have been a provider of Best in Class IT and Managed Services, Software Solutions and Expert consultancy services to our clients and their ever-changing needs. Our vast experience and our dedication towards adapting our business with new technology continues to demonstrate our passion to provide Top Spec Solutions and services to our clients. We demonstrated this when we led out in providing fully hosted managed services to our Customers and many of our clients have been using true cloud SaaS Solutions (Software as a Service) for nearly 10 years.

APH became a SAP Business One Partner in 2008 and are now recognised as one of the leading UK partners, specialising in Distribution and Manufacturing.

Initially APH’s SAP Business One Business and Experience grew organically, taking on a series of key customers within our focused sectors. We then went on to expand our footprint even further, through the acquisition of Sussex-based Complete Business Systems (CBS) enabling APH to grow as one of the UK’s leading SAP Business One partners and to operate on a national scale. Since our inception, APH have had extensive experience in helping our customers to realise their full potential with SAP Business One, Managed IT services and Secured Managed Hosting Services.  Whether that be through increased efficiency, optimising digital performance or providing bespoke applications to transform business.

One of the North West’s leading Managed Service providers we also deliver our managed IT solutions on a national scale. Being cloud specialists, we understand business evolution and offer detailed guidance and support when our clients are ready to move to the cloud. We help to deliver on our clients’ needs and promise to reduce IT complexity by providing flexible and durable yet clearly defined solutions.

Supporting thousands of users each day, our clients trust APH with some of the most critical aspects of their business.With our “All Encompassing” complete IT support services, there are no gaps between Infrastructure and Software, giving our customers more time to focus on driving their business forward.

Our clients’ needs and aspirations are the foundation of what we do. Offering a lifetime solution for you and your business.

At APH we believe that the process is a journey, and this journey is to evolve.

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