Post By Charlie Heywood on March 17, 2016

5 Ways a Mobile ERP Can Benefit Your Business


If you haven’t upgraded to a mobile ERP system, it’s a little like still having a Nokia 3210 instead of a shiny new smartphone. Sure, everything is functional. You can make calls and send messages – and what more do you need, right? 

But we all know you’d be missing out on a world of possibility. Because can you seriously imagine your life without the apps, high-tech functions and 4G internet connection? Our lives have become our phones. And it seems there’s nothing we can’t do on the move.

In a recent survey, 65% perceived mobility to be “important” to enable access for virtual workers, while only 50% actually have remote ERP access. So when it comes to complex businesses that require ERP systems, don’t be the one left trailing behind while your competitors are showing off the latest SaaS ERP offering.

Here are five benefits of cloud ERP that we think will give you the nudge you need to get ahead of the game:


  1. Greater Productivity

  2. Your employees’ waiting time in-between meetings or field service calls isn’t making you any profit. Remote working on laptops is all very well and good, but they can be cumbersome and not everything can be done with just email and internet access. With remote ERP access field engineers can easily access open issue logs and document all inspections and meetings, whilst sales staff can gather all the system data for their meetings on the move.

  1. Less Duplication and More Accurate Data

  2. Scribbled-down data in the field doesn’t work for two reasons: 1) It’s got to be written down again, wasting time and 2) It’s often written at speed. Despite the best of intentions, it’s likely that there will be some inaccurate data capture.

  3. With cloud ERP systems staff can enter data on the move, meaning less duplication and greater accuracy of data. Staff at head office can also get on with their jobs, as the data they need is there when they need it.

  1. Improved Customer Service

  2. Customers and clients demand answers in the business world as instantly as you can say Google. In the B2C market we demand instant answers and it’s no different with the business world. With mobile ERP there are a lot less conversations ending with everyone’s pet hate, “I’ll have to look into that”. Because you can often look into it instantly.

  1. Faster Decisions and Sales

  2. How many times have you been in a meeting with a client and they have raised an issue you hadn’t anticipated as part of your presentation? Or how many times have warehouse managers complained about having to drudge back up to the office to look up info in response to something arising on the shop floor? If mobile is included as part of your SaaS ERP, it solves all of these issues, resulting in faster and informed decision-making.

  1. Happier Employees

  2. Nobody wants disgruntled employees. By freeing up their time for the things that really matter, you’re allowing them to focus on the aspect of their jobs they enjoy and they won’t feel obliged to take work home with them just to get that paperwork done. You could even use mobile ERP to meet flexible working requests.

Happier employees are more productive and loyal employees!

All of these increased efficiencies and customer service benefits combine to give you a competitive advantage. Much like mobile phones, it’s not necessary to be a slave to the latest model but you don’t want to be left lagging behind the earlier adopters.


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