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How to compare job costing software

job costing software

Job costing software is a valuable tool when quoting for upcoming jobs, and different platforms will take into account everything from the cost of materials, to the prices you have quoted on previous similar projects.

But not all platforms are equal, and it’s important to carry out a detailed job costing software comparison before you commit to an app that’s either too limited for your needs, or too complex with poor support.

At APH Solutions we recommend SAP Business One for small to medium-sized businesses and SAP Business ByDesign for large firms. In fact, SAP B1 is extremely flexible and scalable, making it a great option to grow your business, until you are ready to transition to SAP ByDesign.

Job costing in accounts software

Many small businesses start out by carrying out job costing in accounts software like Sage, Xero or QuickBooks. This is often achieved using an add-on with relatively limited functionality:

  • Xero job costing is part of Xero Projects and requires you to use Xero accounting to assign bills and spending, and to invoice for project costs
  • QuickBooks costing requires some manual admin (e.g. to connect working hours from timesheets with the billable hours included on an estimate)
  • Sage Job Costing is no longer supported since October 1st 2021 as Sage 50 Job Costing software was officially retired

Often, new start-ups choose accountancy software first, and then look for ways to carry out job costing within their accounts platform. By choosing a fully fledged ERP platform like SAP B1 or ByDesign, you can adopt a more outward-looking approach that integrates across your operations.

Job costing in SAP B1 and ByDesign

SAP Business One and SAP ByDesign should not feel daunting. They actually cut through complexity by giving you a single platform for multiple business operations, not only including job costing, but other aspects of finance, as well as stock control, workforce management and CRM.

This allows you to connect your job costing with other finance and non-finance business areas:

  • Connect with CRM to base estimates on previous customer interactions
  • Connect with material planning to order and produce materials for upcoming jobs
  • Connect with workforce management to ensure availability of labour for jobs

As a result, you move beyond a purely cost-based approach to job estimates, and can make sure that when you quote for a job, you have the time, labour and materials available to complete the work on schedule and at a profit.

Get the support you need

We know that implementing a fully fledged ERP platform is a major investment for businesses of all sizes, as well as a big step to take with your day-to-day processes – that’s why we offer our Lifetime Application Management approach to implementation.

APH Solutions will deliver and implement a system designed to meet your business needs, as well as to grow with you in the future. We offer continuing reviews and optimisation, extending the functionality of your software as required to support your growth.

Don’t be constrained by a job costing app within a small business accounts package. With SAP B1 and ByDesign, you can implement job costing software that integrates fully with all your processes, to give you the most accurate estimates and maximise your profits.

All of this comes with direct support from APH when you need it. It all starts with your initial enquiry, so fill in the form on our Contact APH page, email or call us on Manchester 0161 442 2603 to find out more.

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