SAP Business One for Project Managers

SAP Business One for Project Managers

Many Project Managers are faced with the task of keeping track of their projects for a number of purposes: timescales, budget, customer relations and ultimately reporting back to the management. Usually each aspect is reported in different ways and in different systems – this leads to the project manager having to consolidate information to gain a meaningful overview of their project statuses.

Our experience has highlighted three main business issues that a project manager faces:

1. What is my project progress?

2. Viewing progress in terms of actual costs versus budget

3. Viewing and planning resource availability

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What is my project progress?

This is a project manager’s bread and butter – how is my project progressing? A PM needs to be on top of this every day. Project managers create and deliver project plans, revise them to meet changing needs, identify resources and assign responsibilities. Being able to update and view these different project elements in one interface allows the PM to work efficiently, providing a global view for all stakeholders.

Viewing progress in terms of actual costs versus budget

Similarly, it is the responsibility of the PM to track actual costs against the project budget. Tracking all costs can be a challenge as these costs can span multiple departments. Getting everyone working together is extremely important. Collaboration is made easier through an ERP system where all parties are on the same software platform and can access the same database and information.

Viewing and planning resource availability

Project managers can make things happen. The PM needs knowledge on the progress of the project as well as the capacity within the business. Is the project on-track and does the project have the capacity and resources to complete the job? Having all this information in the one system gives the PM the breadth of view over the whole organisation, allowing them to do this successfully and efficiently.

How does SAP Business One allow a Project Manager to work better?

The most efficient way to access the information a project manager needs is via an ERP system like SAP Business One. Its global, integrated approach allows them to drive efficiency into the business by automating routine activity and reports.

A project manager has to understand the revenue model and how profit & loss works for the business. Being able to forecast and work through the variances as they adjust to changing project parameters. Having a complete understanding needs to be translated into a remodelling of the project tasks and responsibilities – how can the business automate and become more efficient using this ERP system? Automatic reporting is a large opportunity, releasing the business from routine work and allowing it to focus on innovations and new ways to capture market share.

Project managers can work cross-department and, if a business is using a single integrated system, it is very much easier to build and deliver changes that drive greater efficiency. There are no contradictions in the information and practices. There is no place to hide inefficiency.

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